Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher

The Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher program is a partnership with select companies with the highest quality standards
to ensure customers receive a high-quality, professionally refurbished device installed with genuine Microsoft Windows software. Such devices are free of defects, malware, and viruses that could negatively impact your privacy and security.

Partners must meet a strict set of requirements before they can become a Certified Refurbisher:
  • Capability to deliver high-quality refurbishment, technical capability to pre-install genuine Windows operating systems correctly, efficiently, and free of software defects, malware, and viruses. This includes adequate resources for data wiping and reporting.
  • Align with Microsoft licensing requirements in efforts to battle piracy
  • Proven track record as a Refurbisher, achieving high volume purchasing trajectory.
  • Excellent customer service and support

How can I tell if I am buying a refurbished PC, with a genuine Windows license from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

Every refurbished device from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher includes a specially designed Windows Certificate of Authenticity label (COA) OR Genuine Microsoft Refurbisher label (GMRL) OR Genuine Microsoft label (GML) affixed to the chassis.

Authentic COA has the statement “For use on a Refurbished PC – No Commercial Value” and includes the brand name of the refurbisher who refurbished it and pre-installed Windows on the computer. There is a 25 digit product key on the label, some with security coating covering them.

If the Certified device has a digital Windows license on it, the COA label has been replaced by a GMRL sticker.

Both labels have holographic images. The GMRL is new and will be utilized by all Certified Refurbishers. It has “Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher” text in the center box. If your device has this label, it has a pre-installed digital product key and will self-activate. One of these 2 items (Refurbisher COA, and GMRL label) are proof that the computer is properly licensed.